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By Rajib Bahar at January 09, 2009 07:02
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I ran into SQLServerpedia.com recently. I thought the concept was interesting. Kevin Kline and his colleagues launched that portal. Just like Wikipedia, users can edit entries related to MS SQL server. This will be a useful work related resource for me.

After reading the entries at the SQL server wiki site, I ran into another site that had an intersting tool. They call it TallEye. The purpose of that tool is to find out where you end up after digging a very deep hole from any location in the world map. So, I dug hole at Bangladesh and found out I'd emerge in South Pacific ocean. Interestingly enough, they did not advise how to bypass the core of earth.

MS Wiki site

By Rajib Bahar at December 08, 2008 03:19
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I happened to run into a WIKIPEDIA like site called MSWIKI. They are not affiliated with MS in anyway. However, it is dedicated to be a site containing factual information on any microsoft products. Here is the link http://www.mswiki.com.

I kept clicking the random pages just like I do with WIKIPEDIA most of the time. It came to my notice that one of their entry was related to GMAT... Not sure why that was there.

My visit was not totally worthless. At least they had a link to Halo Wiki - http://halowiki.net. It may come in handy in future. :)

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