Denny Cherry (@mrdenny): Microsoft Certified Master discusses Azure Cloud, HyperV, & few tips

By Rajib Bahar at June 28, 2017 18:00
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Denny Cherry is the owner and principal consultant for Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting and has over a decade of experience working with platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, Hyper-V, vSphere and Enterprise Storage solutions. Denny’s areas of technical expertise include system architecture, performance tuning, security, replication and troubleshooting. Denny currently holds several of the Microsoft Certifications related to SQL Server for versions 2000 through 2014 including the Microsoft Certified Master as well as being a Microsoft MVP for several years. Denny has written several books and dozens of technical articles on SQL Server management and how SQL Server integrates with various other technologies.

Interviewer: Rajib Bahar

- What makes SQL Server exciting? Why are you so passionate about data?
- What is the application of Hyper-V?
- Have you worked with Big Data analytics in Microsoft SQL Azure cloud environment?
- You have been consulting for a while. In your opinion is it worth the challenges? What difficulties have you faced initially?
- What has been the most important and high impactful project have you worked on?
- You're a "Microsoft Certified Master". What does it mean and How did you go about achieving it?
- What would you recommend to aspiring professional who want to move into SQL Server or database world?
- Where can people find out about you? are you in linkediN? facebook?

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