Rajib Interviews Ehsan Taqbeem of BAPAC - Sangam - KFAI

By Rajib Bahar at January 18, 2011 18:00
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In this interview, Rajib interviews Ehsan Taqbeem. He is the chair of BAPAC. BAPAC stands for Bangladeshi American Public Affairs Committee. Thanks to Sangam program and it's co-host Ahmed Naumaan for their support in airing it at KFAI radio.

Here is a text of BAPAC's mission copied from their website:

BAPAC promotes the values and principles of the United States Constitution among the Bangladeshi Americans. Would you like a significant voice in the American political process? Get involved to thrive the awareness of our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States. It is a legal organized institution to exercise our political rights as a group.

BAPAC ensures that the concerns and needs of our community are heard. We maintain contact with the political candidates who supports our community and issues that are valued to us.

BAPAC is bipartisan - we support the best candidates / issues, regardless of their affiliation.

BAPAC is Registered with Federal Election Committee(FEC) and Filed for Articles of Incorporation-Nonprofit with Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services.

BAPAC - your voice to our community.


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