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By Rajib Bahar at April 15, 2010 12:07
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That was the screenshot of a presentation by Mark Mydland. He is the group manager of the "Visual Studio Team Test". He presented on the topic of Testing in Visual Studio 2010 in the TwinCities .NET User group. His approach to explaining the solution was easy to understand. Just like any good presentation it had elements of humor involving real life settings. He talked about a funny scenario, when someone entered a 0, triggering a division by zero error message, and stopped the propulsion of a ship. He used humor to drill into our head why quality matters.

This is what I learned by attending this event:
  • IntelliTrace is one of the new feature within the Visual Studio 2010 family of products. I believe visual studio 2010 ultimate edition contains this enhancement. This tool brings automated testing capabilities. I asked Mark few basic questions, and he was very kind in response. Just like other debugger in the microsoft environment, this one can start right within the IDE. We can write automated test scripts depicting certain scenarios, or use the recording option as if you are recording a VBA macro. This in turn generates the code files.
  • One can build a lab within the test manager. In the lab, you can have multiple machines. As per Mark, we can have up to 60 machines (or depending upon the environment) tested at the same time.

This is just glimpse of what I have learned today. There is more to it. I have included some helper or reference links for everyone to check out.

Mark's Team Blog is:

Blogs recommended by Mark Mydland:
1. Lab Management Team Blog
2. Brian Keller's Blog

Debugging With IntelliTrace

Curtiss A Concert - Freewheelin First Friday Jackson - KFAI

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Curtiss A Concert - KFAI radio - Freewheelin First Friday Jackson

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