Janis interviews Renu Kumar & RGK Dance Troupe - KFAI Radio

By Rajib Bahar at April 28, 2014 18:00
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Janis Lane Ewart of "The Collective Eye" interviews Renu Kumar & her dance troupe from RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy. Prior to the interview we get to see an amazing dance performance at the KFAI radio station. Thanks to the RGK dance troupe!!!

About Renu Kumar (from RGK Website):
Renu Kumar (Founder/Artistic Director/Choreographer and Principal Dancer) has worked as a master teacher and performer in Modern Indian/Bollywood/Folk dancing in the United States since 1986. She founded R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy and has led the institution as it served over 1100 students and created more than thirty-three innovative new works both locally and internationally. Renu has spearheaded the academy's ten annual musical dance shows here in Minnesota.

Originally from Muzaffarnager, Uttar Pradesh, India, Renu has extensive training in Classical North Indian Kathak and graduated from Meerut University with a Master degree in Political Science and a Bachelor degree in Fine Art.

In order to bridge the gap between those who have and those who have not, every year for the past several, Renu has put the academy's artistic capacity to work for charity. The proceeds from all of RGK's annual performances and Bollywood dance dramas are given to charity. With the help of many volunteers, she writes, choreographs, directs, designs and creates in addition to instructing her students on "a way to demonstrate the power of art."


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