TSQL Cheatsheet - Need more to build on this list

By Rajib Bahar at September 01, 2009 07:31
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I use these cheatsheets related  to TSQL and/or SQL server from time to time.


I can not count on my memory, but, it would be nice to have a photographic one.


Enough of my rambling, here is the list:

TSQL Cheatsheet found at Scribd - http://www.scribd.com/doc/399147/TSQL-Cheat-Sheet

SQL Server Cheatsheet found at Scribd - http://www.scribd.com/doc/15235350/SQL-Server-TSQL-Cheatsheet

Dave Pinal or SQL Authority's Cheatsheet - http://www.pinaldave.com/sql-download/SQLServerCheatSheet.pdf 


Did I miss any good ones? I'll update this 

Kevin Kline's blog entry on code of ethics for DBAs

By Rajib Bahar at April 24, 2009 09:52
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I noticed an interesting blog entry by Kevin Kline. He is talking about code of ethics for DBA professionals. I thought some of us may find it relevant.

 Enjoy the dialogue and debate at [http://sqlblog.com/blogs/kevin_kline/archive/2009/04/21/is-it-time-for-a-professional-code-of-ethics-for-dbas.aspx]

useful blog entries on Joins... using join in update or delete statement

By Rajib Bahar at March 26, 2009 07:00
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CSV Customization in SSRS Subscription

By Rajib Bahar at February 20, 2009 04:47
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I will appreciate if my colleagues and peers would consider looking at this thread I opened at SQL Server Central [http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic661376-1063-1.aspx]. Thanks and have a good day!


Update [10/01/2009]:

Thanks to Luke at [SQLServerCentral.com] forum I was able to find the answer. He pointed me to a MSDN article, which in turn pointed to this article [http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms156281.aspx]. That helped me figure out how to do it. If I have time then I'll produce steps on how to reproduce it later.



SQL Server Interview questions - Submit yours

By Rajib Bahar at January 26, 2009 06:44
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I get a lot of questions from my peers about finding a good place to get SQL server interview questions. I have had the privilege of being both the interviewor and interviewee. So, I thought I'd put together a collection on my blog. I look forward to hearing your comments. Please post your favorite or most challenging questions on SQL server.

Here is the list of links to blogs and/or websites that I found useful:

VLDB - What's the largest database have you worked with?

By Rajib Bahar at January 19, 2009 15:52
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I am asking this question to all of my SQL Server colleagues. There is no right or wrong answer to this. I am interested in learning the experience others have with VLDB systems. Please share your stories. I will compile the responses and make a newer blog entry. That new entry will have your story and link back to your blog if you have any. Feel free to send your responses via facebook, twitter, plaxo, linkedin, livespace, and email. Thanks

MS SQL Server 2008 Debugging

By Rajib Bahar at January 15, 2009 21:20
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I like the new debugging capabilities of SQL Server 2008. It brings in features such as stepping in, stepping out, and stepping over. This can come handy when we are trying to track the actual issue. I found this feature interesting because it empowers developers to track issues at the most granular level. Now, we can step inside system functions, and stored procedures to figure out the values of internal variables and sets. See the video below for a quick guide on how to debug in SQL Server 2008 management studio.

SQLServerpedia is the wikipedia for MSSQL server pros

By Rajib Bahar at January 09, 2009 07:02
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I ran into SQLServerpedia.com recently. I thought the concept was interesting. Kevin Kline and his colleagues launched that portal. Just like Wikipedia, users can edit entries related to MS SQL server. This will be a useful work related resource for me.

After reading the entries at the SQL server wiki site, I ran into another site that had an intersting tool. They call it TallEye. The purpose of that tool is to find out where you end up after digging a very deep hole from any location in the world map. So, I dug hole at Bangladesh and found out I'd emerge in South Pacific ocean. Interestingly enough, they did not advise how to bypass the core of earth.

Experimenting with social media API in .NET and SQL

By Rajib Bahar at January 03, 2009 10:14
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I started experimenting with Social Media Api such as Facebook, Twitter, GData. There are plenty of libraries in .NET one can take advantage of. Just for fun, I wrote one tool that allows users to save wikipedia articles locally. The data resides in a local SQL compact database. This .NET app integrates status message functionality from facebook and twitter. Feel free to check it out at http://apps.facebook.com/wikiarticlesaver

These days I am also looking at TokBox api. In my humble opinion, Toxbox is a video chat service which integrates the best features in video conferencing, youtube, and skype. I love it. Most recently, I added some of my friends such as Garry Schyman and others there. TokBox was founded by one of the co-founder of youtube, Jawed Karim.

See below for a way to integrate TokBox in a site:
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://www.tokbox.com/vc/al8iat0y002k9zad" width="300" height="413" pid="495fd42c4c185981"><param name="movie" value="http://www.tokbox.com/vc/al8iat0y002k9zad"/><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"/><param name="flashvars" value="guestList=true&textChat=true"/></object>

Releasing articles on Powershell at CodeProject

By Rajib Bahar at December 14, 2008 06:57
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