Fashion Show in Pohela Boishakh Program by BDSA & BSSM

By Rajib Bahar at February 15, 2013 18:00
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This is the fashion show for Pohela Boishakh program or the Bangla year 1418

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-- Participants
1. Master of Ceremonies:- Monzur, Subhrajit
2. Powerpoint Presentation of Bangladesh and Bengal, Culture etc:-Monzur
3. Udbodhoni shongeet: Sohini and Baishali, "Esho hey boishakh"+ Projjwal
4. Dance 1:-Nandini, Puja, Farhana, Devleena(Bistirno dupaare oshonkho manush-er)
5. Kobita 1:-Bodhisatwa
6. Chora Gaan: Aadi and Diya Ganguli *
7. Gaan: Sharmistha, "Aaaj noi guun guun gunjon preme", Karoake
8. Dance 2: Farhana & Afreen.
9. Kobita- Rajarshi
10. Dance 3: Puja,Nandini and Taraswi(Fusion Dance)
11. Flute and Tabla: Sajjad and Projjwal "Esho shyamlo shundoro"
12. Gaan: Sandeep Bhowmick("Sona bondhu re") on Flute, Sajjad Bhai
13. Gaan: Sohini + Projjwal (Tabla).
14. Gaan: Aniruddha & Basabdatta - Dishe hara je mor mon
15. Kobita: Silpi Sinha Ray
16. Ending Song:-Palbasha "Praaan, Jolshopno"

Fashion Show appearances by order

1. Sounak, Monzur, Farhana, Puja - Bibi Russell (den tana)
2. Afreen, Sadaf - "
3. Erin, Subhrajit - Sadher Lau
4. Nandini, Baishali, Abhreen - Moinago
5. Salma, Sohini, Abhijit - "
6. Monzur, Liz, Joyce - Krishno
7. Nina, Ishtiaque - Fashion show music
8. Afreen, Maroof - "
9. Farhana, Rafaat - Chaina Meye
10. Puja, Aman - "
11. Sounak, Subhrajit - "
12. Everyone - CHOLO SOBAI

Jake and Greta playing folk music with Solar Flare Radio Crew - KFAI Radio

By Rajib Bahar at August 28, 2012 18:00
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Ryan and Rajib interviews Jake and Greta during their appearance in KFAI radio. They played folks music

Paul Riedner & Matthew Griswold sharing their experience being Iraq Veteran & some music

By Rajib Bahar at August 28, 2012 18:00
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Paul interviews his guest Matthew Griswold. They discuss their experience as Iraq war veterans, non-profit activities to promote music as a form of therapy. Toward the end of this discussion Matthew sings one of his original song

Brian Johnson rocking the station with Solar Flare Radio Crews

By Rajib Bahar at August 20, 2012 18:00
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Brian plays one of his song with us. Solar Flare Radio crews put together this live concert with multiple bands.

Running at Night in Eagan - 6 Mile Course from Thomson Reuters to Best Buy

By Rajib Bahar at August 15, 2012 18:00
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I was running at night again. This route took me straight to Best Buy, which is 3 miles from Thomson Reuters in eagan. After reaching BestBuy, I came back to Thomson.

Is a table variable always the answer?

By Rajib Bahar at August 14, 2012 00:27
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I usually got good results with table variables over cursors or derived queries. I wanted to take advantage of available memories. In one of my previous project, I tried to implement an alternative to cursor via table variable. Unfortunately, it caused the SSIS process to run out of memory after running for 8+ hours. I was surprised to see it perform slower than a derived query version of that same query. It was doing a very basic data retrieval function such as selecting the data. After working with our DBA, we discovered that the server didn't have enough memory available during the time of execution (due to high user traffic). The query would slow down after processing few thousands of rows of data. It took some time to work with our colleagues to figure out the most optimal # rows the table variable can handle at any given time. Anyways, we resorted to the derived queries approach for bigger datasets.

Rajib & MJ Interviews Leeza Ali - Distinguished Young Women - Art Matters - KFAI Radio

By Rajib Bahar at August 09, 2012 18:00
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In her early years, Leeza Ali was recognized as a piano prodigy. She continued to excel in it. We interviewed her sister Nora Ali several years ago. Following her sister's footstep, she participated in "Distinguished Young Women" program in 2011. Leeza is very active in community activities. Her notable philanthropic work includes holding concert for children of Afghanistan via P.E.C.A. (Partnership for the Education of Children in
Afghanistan.), "Be Your Best Self" via Distinguished Young Women.

Links to learn more about Leeza's work:

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'sp_ssis_addlogentry'

By Rajib Bahar at August 07, 2012 05:51
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I have been lazy about blogging for a long long long time... I thought I'd get back into it again with an error message. Depending upon a project, I either get full-admin privilege or restricted privilege. Both options have merit, but, I prefer more flexibility in anything I do. This particular error message is very trivial. I'll not be breaking any ground by saying the solution is to grant proper permission. We often run into this kind of permission issues whenever dealing with database objects. It happens whenever the user lacks permission to utilize an object. How did I run into this error? I usually prefer storing ssis logging data in a table. One of these days, I'll get motivated to write my own custom solution. Until then I find the built-in logging mechanism sufficient. In most ssis projects, I had the privilege to utilize sp_ssis_addlogentry object. I didn't have to worry about setting that permission. When this issue arose I had to get help from our dba Jimit Mehta. He's a dba-super-hero for our team. As soon as he ran the statement below, my headache was gone. 



grant execute on sp_ssis_addlogentry to [domain_name\user_name]


Rajib & MJ Interviews Michelle Schwantes - Art Matters - KFAI Radio

By Rajib Bahar at February 25, 2012 18:00
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Rajib & MJ Interviews Michelle Schwantes - Art Matters - KFAI Radio

Michelle Schwantes has extensive experience in the Twin Cities market as a Director, Actor, Dancer and Producer. National and international professional tours include: Boston Repertory Theatre (Boston, MA), Poetry Alive! (Asheville, NC), CLIMB Theatre (Inver Grove Heights, MN), and Giggle Poetry Players (Minneapolis, MN). She has worked as an artist-in-residence with the International School of Beijing (Beijing, China), Community International School of Shanghai (Shanghai, China), and Concordia International School of Shanghai (Shanghai, China). Michelle has performed locally with Children's Theatre Company, The Walker Art Center's Performance Series, Gremlin Theatre, Pig's Eye Theatre, Stages Theatre, SteppingStone Theatre and many others. Other Media includes: Film/Television: Modus Vivendi, Sweet Caroline, Turning the Century: Tillie Anderson and the Women's Bicycle Revolution, Rapid Eye Movement, Emotional Labor. Industrials: The Kangaroo Project, Graduation Standards, Grad Finale. Broadcast Radio: co-host of weekly Spirit Shop Show on 95.9 FM, numerous broadcast radio commercials. Spokes modeling: for companies such as Cadbury, Kimberly-Clark, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Tetra Pak, Miller Brewing Company, Coors, and Leinenkugel.

Moon Observation with Celestron 8" on EQ Mount - 1/7/12

By Rajib Bahar at January 06, 2012 18:00
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I saw a rare sunny day in the winter and started tinkering with the telescope... This time, I tried to get more zoom out of it. This footage is using 2x teleconverter. I tried to get a 3x barlow lens to work, but, the footage had a bit of tunnel vision to it. It looked awful so I settled for something slightly better

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