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Sql Saturday #332 Interviews at KFAI Radio

December 25
by Rajib Bahar 25. December 2014 01:39



Rick Krueger, director of PASSMN stopped by KFAI radio to discuss the interviews conducted by Dan English & Brian Larson of Superior Consulting. He talked about the significance of this event & the kind of impact it makes for fellow database professionals.

TSQL Cheatsheet - Need more to build on this list

September 01
by Rajib Bahar 1. September 2009 07:31

I use these cheatsheets related  to TSQL and/or SQL server from time to time.


I can not count on my memory, but, it would be nice to have a photographic one.


Enough of my rambling, here is the list:

TSQL Cheatsheet found at Scribd - http://www.scribd.com/doc/399147/TSQL-Cheat-Sheet

SQL Server Cheatsheet found at Scribd - http://www.scribd.com/doc/15235350/SQL-Server-TSQL-Cheatsheet

Dave Pinal or SQL Authority's Cheatsheet - http://www.pinaldave.com/sql-download/SQLServerCheatSheet.pdf 


Did I miss any good ones? I'll update this 

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