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By Rajib Bahar at December 02, 2013 02:31
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Last two years, I was doing a lot of running. I enjoyed the camaraderie with our team in eagan. However, this year I found a new hobby which I ran into accidentally. A lot of my family friends started asking me to take pictures at their private gathering... Prior to this, I was using Canon 5d Mark 2 primarily for videography projects for nonprofit organizations I volunteered for. I've been using 5d since it came out. So, I started experimenting with various techniques with DSLR, and photo editing as I attended various events. Along the way, I learned new things from friends who were heavily into DSLR photography. I was invited to cover various large events this year. They include Holi color festival, dance team performances, running events, and nature photography. Anyways, I'll see where this journey will take me. I thought I'd let my friends, colleagues and well wishers know that I launched a website for my photography project. The webpage address is http://www.rajibbaharphotography.com/. Feel free to click the image below to see similar themed unique pictures. Any kind feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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